We live to be outside, under the sun, soaking in every moment. This spirit is represented with the LEUS icon, as the sun rises and sets over the ocean horizon. With our collective tribe of all day fun seekers, experience makers, and pool party crashers linked by a common love of good times—there’s no stamp of approval needed to vibe with our tribe. Inspired by the elements of life that excite us most, LEUS offers a diverse collection of products begging for adventure because everyone knows that fun feels better. This is how we live. This is LEUS. #FUNFEELSBETTER


Rallying a rowdy mix of photographers, athletes, musicians, artists, and designers to craft our newest lineup, our products demand attention with eye-catching prints and new offerings that beg for adventure. So drop your inhibitions and maybe your clothes too, because everyone knows that fun feels better.  

You may experience an overwhelming desire to hold us close and get wrapped up in a good thing, but don't be alarmed—we're soft and special like that. Blending premium fabrics with modern design, each collection pops with high definition photo prints, eclectic graphics and unique jacquard wovens.                                                                                                                                                                                             
LEUS delivers a diverse collection of products inspired by the elements of life that excite us most. And now, we're calling on you to join us.